Goushrestha A2 GIR COW GHEE (HDPE JAR)

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Why Goushresth A2 Gir cow ghee ..?

  • 100% Pure & Natural
  • No Preservative Used 
  • Healthy & Hygienic
  • Prepared by A2 Gir Cow’s MILK
  • Hand Churned Bilona 
  • We do not keep stock Only Take Advance Orders, So That We Can Make Fresh & Pure Ghee Available


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  • Self Life- 9 Month
  • Container Type:- HDPE Jar 
  • Delivery Available – All over in INDIA
  • Expected Delivery Date – Approx 3-5 days


COW Feed And Management:

We have 110+ Gir Cows. We Feed Green Grass/Corn Tree And Bio Bloom Pellets Which Contains Protein, Energy, Minerals And Vitamins Required For The Growth, Maintenance And Milk Production Of Animals. Cows Are Grazing In The Open Field. We Keep Our All Cow With Us Till Death Do Not Sell To The Slaughters.

Preparation Method:

Goushresth a2 cow ghee Is Prepared By Traditional Vedic Bilona Hand Churned Method. In This Process Around 30 Liter Of Milk Is Used To Prepare Just 1 Liter Of Ghee! It Has All The Properties As Described In Vedas And Ayurvedic Shahtras. It Is The Essence Of Milk, Rather Heating The Cream Obtained Directly From Milk.

Benefits Of Goushrestha A2 Gir Cow GHEE:

Desi Cow Ghee Is Not Just Used In Cooking But Also Acts As Medicine. Let’s Take You Through Some Benefits Of Desi Cow Ghee That Makes It Healthy And Safe To Consume.

1. Improves Immune System:

It encourages the development of brain and enhances memory. It improves kids’ eyesight, memory power and immunity level thus helping them build healthy bones and muscles.

2. Good Source Of Energy: 

Ghee Is A Good Source Of Energy. It Contains Medium And Short-Chain Fatty Acids, “Of Which, Lauric Acid Is A Potent Antimicrobial And Anti-Fungal Substance.

3. Helps In Digestion:

goushresth a2 cow ghee Helps In Improving Digestion By Stimulating The Secretion Of Stomach Acid. It Is Also Rich In Butyric Acid Which Helps In Lowering Inflammation And Helps In Digesting The Food.

4. Improve Memory And Brain Health:

goushresth a2 cow ghee Is Known As Medha Rasayana Or Brain Tonic In Ayurveda. However, Its High Saturated Fat Content Makes It Less Desirable

5. Maintain Cholesterol Levels Good For Hart: 

Unlike Butter, Ghee Has The Right Mix Of Long And Short Saturated Fatty Acids. This Composition Makes It Easier To Digest Ghee. It Also Has Relatively Higher Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid (PUFA) Content Than Butter-Like Fats

6. Help In Weight Loss: 

Ghee Aids Faster Digestion And Absorption Of Food. Ghee Stimulates The Secretion Of Stomach Acids To Aid Digestion, Unlike Other Oils That Slow Down The Digestive Process

7. GOOD For Skin: 

Ghee Is Said To Be Effective In Treating Skin Rashes, Allergies, And Dryness. It Is Rich In Essential Fatty Acids. Deficiency Of These Omega-3 And Omega-6 Fatty Acids Manifests As Toad Skin (Phrynoderma) And Horny Eruptions On The Limbs

And Many More…

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Dimensions 13 × 13 × 13 cm
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63 reviews for Goushrestha A2 GIR COW GHEE (HDPE JAR)

  1. Babita Mitra

    Really amazing product…

  2. Rajiv Aneja

    Good product. Easy ordering. Thank you

  3. Deepak G

    Great product nicely packed in this covid 19 situation ..👍

  4. Narender raj

    Nice product

  5. PSP Swamy

    Very Nice and great after using the product entire family have started using it ..thanks you for this product

  6. Ashwani Kumar PRAJAPATI

    I love it

  7. Jyotsana Singh

    Thanks Goushrestha for the wonderful product. It is exactly the product I was looking for since a long time. The taste and aroma of the ghee is heavenly. I give this to my 2year old every day. I would recommend this product to everyone.

  8. Bittoo Singh

    Nice taste genuine cow ghee


    Very nice quality and odor is also as anticipated of pure ghee.

  10. Jayant Mukherjee

    Very nice product. Full satisfy

  11. Pabitro sen

    great Product…. better and much cheaper

  12. Nimish Singhatwadia

    Good ghee you can feel it in the taste and texture as i am still checking other available options i wont be able to comment how it stands with other competitors but one thing i can surely say is the ghee is nice.



  14. Sunita Sen

    Very good quality & aroma

  15. Jitu vora

    यह धी मयने युस करके देखने के बाद ही इस बात का पता लगाया धी कोलीटि में बहुत अच्छा है

  16. Deva Senapathy

    Cow ghee is pure. Good aroma, and very delicious. It is a genuine product. I loved it


    Keep it up

  18. Samarth Y Naik


  19. meghana patil

    Product is good but pleas improove the quality of container. Plastic container is not of good quality.

  20. Deepak Kumar

    Nice and good quality ghee thnk u

  21. Sunita tupe

    Nice product

  22. Rohan Menezes

    I ordered 2 jars of HDPE its very well packed and ghee quality is very nice..will order again


    Received few days ago and we have started consuming it. We feel it is good as of now, but can give better feed back after a month or so.

  24. Ramchandra G

    Best quality

  25. D.C. RAIZADA

    Very good and tasty

  26. Kaushalendra Mishra


  27. Ramamoorthy Lakshminarayanan

    Really it is very nice with good aroma Sand taste. after a long years I tasted a good ghee I like it though a little bit costly


    Good packing and well sealed jar

  29. Deven Gujar

    recommended A2 Cow ghee…very nice

  30. Arvind Shenoi

    Great flavour

  31. Dinesh

    Tnx’s lot…Goshestha.

  32. Narendra Varma

    product is very nice and test is just awesome ..

  33. Surendra Kar

    Delivered late. but product is very good

  34. Manju Kalyan Revandkar

    Nice…Compair to other brand

  35. Rupali Krishna Dabhade

    Good quality product.

  36. Bijou joy

    Good Quality 👌

  37. Savita Garg

    Pure and healthy but seal get opens somewhat

  38. Prudhwi Raj

    Could have been more better if glass jar are used


    Very very nice

  40. Tapas Mitra

    Till date I have tasted and consumed so many A2 Ghee from different companies but I think yours is better than others. I can assure you that I will order this item next time also!

  41. Dilip Sahu

    Ghee is good, But there no mansion on ghee jar this ghee is of which cow gir , sahiwal or other, Please let me know, Thanks

  42. Deepak

    Good quality ghee thank you goushrestha team

  43. Havovi Mehta

    I wish you could pack in a glassbottle instead of plastic . This will retain the organic flavor and the purpose. The ghee smells awesome. Will order again if the above mentioned is taken care of. Thanks

  44. G S DAS

    Jar and packing is good

  45. Rajesh Kumar Singh

    Packing is not good, it was leaking..work on it but ghee is nice

  46. Arun N

    Quality of ghee was nice. The only change to be made is in storage it should be glass container not plastic

  47. Disha sharma

    Really nice..great aroma and taste

    • SDP9900 (store manager)

      thanks for your feedback and appreciation

  48. Wadia

    Excellent product

  49. Manju Kalyan Revandkar

    Nice…Compare to other brand

    • SDP9900 (store manager)

      thanks for your feedback and appreciation

  50. Keshav Kumar

    Perfect Packing with Good quality Jar

  51. Vivek Ghalsasi

    Excellent quality

  52. Ashutosh sharma

    Very nice

  53. Mrs D Smita


  54. NK Rana

    It’s 100% pure ghee.. recommended.

  55. ARUN Kumar

    Ghee is wonderful

  56. Subhash Narang

    no alternatives available in the market on this price …great aroma and taste is just perfect 5 Stat is less for this valuable product

    • SDP9900 (store manager)

      thanks for your feedback and appreciation


    Wonderful as expected

  58. Raichand Jain

    Very good ghee

  59. Supbrajeet

    Very testy ghee

  60. Sagar Sen

    Top Class Ghee…at this price i dont know how u manage but…thanks for this awesome product

    • SDP9900 (store manager)

      thanks for your feedback

  61. Uday Shankar

    This has been by far the best ghee I have ever had. Loved it

  62. Vikram Vyas

    Good quality.

  63. Aditya Kharpate

    Amazing ghee. Only minus point is it is in plastic bottle. Pls change it to glass bottle as plastic is not good

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