Goushrestha A2 Desi COW GHEE

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Rs. 1000/Liter

Why Goushresth A2 Desi Cow Ghee ..?

  1. 100% Pure & Natural
  2. No Preservative Used 
  3. Healthy & Hygienic
  4. Prepared From A2 Desi Cows MILK
  5. Hand Churned Bilona 

Packaging Available :- PET 300Ml, PET 500ML, PET 1000ML, Glass 500ML

Minimum Order Value – 10 Liter

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  • Container Type:- PET Jar 
  • Delivery Available – All over in INDIA
  • Expected Delivery Date – Approx 3-7 days


COW Feed And Management:

We have 110+ Gir Cows. We Feed Green Grass/Corn Tree And Bio Bloom Pellets Which Contains Protein, Energy, Minerals And Vitamins Required For The Growth, Maintenance And Milk Production Of Animals. Cows Are Grazing In The Open Field. We Keep Our All Cow With Us Till Death Do Not Sell To The Slaughters.

Preparation Method:

Goushresth a2 cow ghee Is Prepared By Traditional Vedic Bilona Hand Churned Method. In This Process Around 30 Liter Of Milk Is Used To Prepare Just 1 Liter Of Ghee! It Has All The Properties As Described In Vedas And Ayurvedic Shahtras. It Is The Essence Of Milk, Rather Heating The Cream Obtained Directly From Milk.


Benefits Of Goushrestha A2 Gir Cow GHEE:

Desi Cow Ghee Is Not Just Used In Cooking But Also Acts As Medicine. Let’s Take You Through Some Benefits Of Desi Cow Ghee That Makes It Healthy And Safe To Consume.

1. Improves Immune System:

It encourages the development of brain and enhances memory. It improves kids’ eyesight, memory power and immunity level thus helping them build healthy bones and muscles.

2. Good Source Of Energy: 

Ghee Is A Good Source Of Energy. It Contains Medium And Short-Chain Fatty Acids, “Of Which, Lauric Acid Is A Potent Antimicrobial And Anti-Fungal Substance.

3. Helps In Digestion:

goushresth a2 cow ghee Helps In Improving Digestion By Stimulating The Secretion Of Stomach Acid. It Is Also Rich In Butyric Acid Which Helps In Lowering Inflammation And Helps In Digesting The Food.

4. Improve Memory And Brain Health:

goushresth a2 cow ghee Is Known As Medha Rasayana Or Brain Tonic In Ayurveda. However, Its High Saturated Fat Content Makes It Less Desirable

5. Maintain Cholesterol Levels Good For Hart: 

Unlike Butter, Ghee Has The Right Mix Of Long And Short Saturated Fatty Acids. This Composition Makes It Easier To Digest Ghee. It Also Has Relatively Higher Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid (PUFA) Content Than Butter-Like Fats

6. Help In Weight Loss: 

Ghee Aids Faster Digestion And Absorption Of Food. Ghee Stimulates The Secretion Of Stomach Acids To Aid Digestion, Unlike Other Oils That Slow Down The Digestive Process

7. GOOD For Skin: 

Ghee Is Said To Be Effective In Treating Skin Rashes, Allergies, And Dryness. It Is Rich In Essential Fatty Acids. Deficiency Of These Omega-3 And Omega-6 Fatty Acids Manifests As Toad Skin (Phrynoderma) And Horny Eruptions On The Limbs

And Many More…


300ML, 500ML, 1000ML, 2000ML

55 reviews for Goushrestha A2 Desi COW GHEE

Based on 55 reviews
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  1. Ranen Brahmachari

    Quality is authentic and so is the aroma. Like to get it again

  2. domesh soni

    Bahut bariya. sir aapka ghee khake bahut hi maja aaya.
    Mai fir se aapka ghee hi kharidunga

  3. Abhishek Kumar Gupta

    Can we use this ghee in puja because I want po pure desi cow ghee?

  4. Govind namdew

    Super product hai….

  5. Harish Kumar

    Ghee is good. But very Costly

  6. Shridhar

    good product …service is also good

  7. Sayak Chakraborty

    Absolutely fabulous.The quality is unmatched, however a bit pricy

  8. Asha Varghese

    Delivery was fast , product is good

  9. ravi

    Nice product

  10. Saurabh Nehete

    Purity is good. Taste is little sour, maybe because of more curd added while preparation. Overall a good pure product.

    • SDP9900 (store manager)

      thanks for your feedback and appreciation

  11. SUJAN G.

    Not as expected but pure ghee.

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